Estate Information

Estate Information

Discover a place where you will find peace and tranquility. A place where you can relax and unwind in an environment that feels far removed from the city.

Given its excellent location and accessibility, Heritage Hill is the place to be!

If you’ve always dreamed of arriving home to the peace of mind of state-of-the-art security, surrounded by peace and tranquillity. A great environment for your family to explore and a peaceful setting to relax at the end of a long day, then look no further than Heritage Hill Estate.

Away from the hustle and bustle of town but with amenities close by, Heritage Hill offers the perfect balance of convenience and lifestyle.

Respond to your senses in Heritage Hill

For healthy living as abundant as the region – where design favours residents’ quality of life above all else. Welcome to your home environment steeped in the finest traditions of community. Our Village in the City has a sense of community, a sense of place – a true sense of belonging and may the heartbeat of it, inspire you to live in it with gratefulness.

The Architecture

History comes alive through Heritage Hill’s architecture and landscaping, designed to capture the essence and charm of this area and it’s heritage. You will find clustered homes, free standing houses and a homely village feel with landscaped common areas, surrounded by bubbling fountains, and cobbled streets, a true “Village in the City”.

To ensure, through periodic inspection, that the construction work on a site is according to the plan and meets the applicable requirements.

Building Control Guidelines available for download for residents

The design guidelines of Heritage Hill have been prepared to assist residents and developers in building their dream homes. Furthermore, to facilitate the creation of a new space where one’s experience will be shaped by the unique qualities of the streets, squares, shops, a school, playing fields and the landscaped places where life can be celebrated: “A village in a city”

Whilst the guidelines are built on a strong foundation of knowledge and technical expertise it is accepted as a fundamental principle, that ultimately Heritage Hill will be shaped by those who live in it.

These Design Guidelines therefore serve to guide; inform and regulate a design and development ethos and process that will demonstrate a way of living alternative to bland urban sprawl where human identity, a sense of belonging and the ability to appreciate quality places have all but disappeared.

You are invited to join a journey into the future, the outcome of which will never be quite final and one which will add value to the lives of all those who have the privilege to be part of it.

The Infrastructure

State-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure are just the beginning of the total security solution on Heritage Hill. We focus strongly on intelligent policing of both the internal and external areas of the Estate.

Security is tightly controlled through the estate and implemented by an independent Security Company. Our technical on-site control center and management work together to ensure peace of mind for our residents and their families.

Heritage Hill makes use of Smart Village to deploy state-of-the-art fibre optic networks that enable fully integrated multimedia, telecommunication and IP solutions and services to our estate.

Experience a fusion of lifestyle and technology with
converged Quadra Play™ services such as:

  • Television Signal Distribution
  • Video on Demand & IPTV
  • Telephone Line Service
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Broadband Internet and Data Access
  • IP Solutions
  • Home Automation


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